King William District

When I visit San Antonio I always make it to the Riverwalk and the King William District.  They have some of the nicest Historical Homes in San Antonio.  Everytime I go there it seems they have re-done many more homes since my last visit.  I enjoy driving up and down the streets of this neighborhood and imagine myself pulling up into the driveway of some of these old homes.  My dream has always been to re-do an old home, but it just isn't in my budget.  So I'll settle for being able to see and photograph them and hope that maybe one day my dream will become a reality.
You'll have to excuse my photography skills...they're not the greatest.

 Here's what I saw....

A pretty white house...I can see myself sipping ice tea on this porch.

You can barely see it but this home had the prettiest shade of blue around the windows.

A Victorian Style home with that same shade of blue on the porch posts.

This little cottage had a lot going for it...
a precious porch, a decorative piece above the window making it the focal point of the home.
The front door seems to have a cornice above it as well.

This home had some beautiful architectural details but very hard to capture on film from the street.

I loved the look of this home with arches flanking the porch.

I had to get a close-up of the wreath.

I absolutely loved this massive column on a home that needed some TLC.

A really cute cafe...

Looks like it used to be a church.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Peace and Love~

P.S. If you're in the San Antonio area you must visit this neighborhood. 
Pictures just don't do these homes justice.


The Weekend~

OK,,,So we were in San Antonio this past weekend (after my hubby and I picked up my baby from Cheer Camp in San Marcos) and we had some fun family time together.  The place we stayed at was really nice and right up my alley because of the little villas surrounding the property.    It's located right in the middle of downtown SA but it felt like you were somewhere else but the city.  I Love San Antonio!

Here's a few pics of what we saw while there...

One of the villas that was available for parties and special occasions.
Another view of the same villa.

The grounds were absolutely gorgeous.

This villa housed the gym.

A view of the rooms we stayed in...every one of them has a cute little balcony.

Yes, this is a real Peacock. 
We were told that at one time they had several running around the grounds.

Asian Pheasants walking around as well.
My Baby!
It was so funny..she was worried they were going to attack her or something.

I'll do a separate post later this week of the homes we saw in the King William District.

"Have a Great Tuesday Everyone"


I Love and Respect Nature~


 I'm always seeing these beautiful displays with bird nests and anything that is growing pretty in the wild and I just love the natural look of it all.  I admit, I have thought about using the real thing in my displays but can't make myself to take a home away from a helpless little bird.  So I always make my own out of twigs, dried tall grass and anything that is pliable enough to shape into a nest. This weekend, while cleaning up the yard, we found a precious bird nest in one of our trees.  There was no sign of any Momma or Bebe's in the nest, so my husband carefully cut the branch with the nest in it. 
(no birds were harmed while removing the branch)

You will be happy to know that we returned the nest back in the tree so future birds will have a safe place to rest and stay out of the elements.

Have a great week!


Independence Day

God Bless America

(photo courtesy of Southern Living)
Happy 4th of July!


A Relaxed Evening~

It's Saturday night and I have the house all to myself!  What's a girl to do?  Well, I have decided to pour me a glass of vino and watch a favorite movie...a chick flick of course!  Mona Lisa Smile....I don't think that Julia Roberts has ever made a bad movie ever...and this is one of my favorites.  And because it takes place in the 1950's in a place where most of the characters are high society and the clothes, hats and jewelry they wore were fabulous. 

So...off I go and enjoy my evening alone~
(A small floral arrangement on my dining table)

Enjoy your evening as well~



My Booth In Warrenton~

I guess you can say I wasn't fully prepared for this show....I forgot my camera!  I had to borrow a camera from a friend late in the show....actually it was right before I was getting ready to leave.  So there won't be very many to show you.  I just wanted to share a few pics of my booth at the Spring Show in Warrenton.

Have a Lovely Sunday~


It's Good To Be Home~

I'm sooooooo glad to be sleeping in my own bed!!!!  Being gone for two weeks is rough on this old girl!  Now, I just need to get back into the groove of things....I just had to show you some of the bluebonnets we have growing in the field next to our home.

I'll post some pics of the show later in the week....I have to catch-up at home first.



Make Plans~

To attend one of the best antique shows around....

Marburger Farms has some of the most talented dealers you can find.  I know because I'm so honored to know some of them.  For instance, you will get to see Shelley of Sweet Pea, Theresa of Time Worn Interiors, Judy Hill, Linda of Willow Nest, Donna of Curious GoodsPeg of French Vanilla, and new to the show this year is Lauri of 2 Chippys....the list goes on and on and I apoligize for not naming them all but once you arrive you will be in awe! 

So, I'll leave you to be inspired with these random pics of past shows.

See Ya There!!!!

Have a great weekend!


Pillow Talk~

On this Monday, the first day of March, I am happy to report that it is in the 70's here in Texas in my neck of the woods...just gorgeous!  I'm so hoping that this weather is a taste of what we will encounter in a few weeks for the Spring Show in Warrenton/RoundTop. 

I also wanted to give you a little "peek" into what you will encounter in my booth....these pillows that I made myself with love.  I've been sewing like a mad woman trying to make as many different designs for everyone's needs.  After having been separated from my sewing machine for a few years I got the urge to create and now I can't seem to stop! 

I have piles and piles all over the house...
All styles, All sizes....
Big, medium, small.....
So many to choose from....
No two are alike, so you will be getting a "one of a kind" pillow.  I can't wait to set-up shop!
   But wait! There will be lots more to show you in the next few weeks so stay tuned!

I hope this finds everyone having a glorious day!

Have a great Monday~


Just Playin' Around~

With just a little more than a month left till I head out to Warrenton for the Spring Show I find myself still not knowing exactly what I'll be taking.  I start to pack and then I get a wild hair to create and the packing doesn't get quite done.  I'm hoping in the next couple of weeks to be showing you what I will be taking.  I am itching to go out and buy junk but there just haven't been any Estate Sales or Garage Sales lately.  Hopefully, if the weather is nice here this weekend I'll venture out and do some junkin'.

I did head out to the Resale Shop in town this morning and found this adorable pair of baby slippers.  I fell in love with them and the cute little flowers stitched on top.  They are not vintage but I like them just the same.  I have paired them with a wonderful bird nest that a friend (Joyce Shillings) of mine made for me. 

I also found this glass basket that is stamped AVON.  I guess with Spring just around the corner, the basket seemed appropriate to buy.  I'll fill it with some grass and glittered eggs.

Have a great day!



White Wednesday with Jeanne d' Arc Living~

Welcome to another one of Kathleen's White Wednesday. 

I wanted to share with you my latest discovery. I'm sure most of you have heard of the Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine...well, just like everything else I kept putting off in purchasing this magazine until a few months ago.  I gotta tell ya when I received the Christmas issue I was hooked!  I have never before in my life seen such an inspiring piece of work.  This made my day when I opened the package to find such a beautiful spread of pages full of ideas and so much more.  If you have never seen this book...(it literally is a book...more than 150 pages) then you'll know what I'm talking about.  It's not only page after page of lovely homes and vignettes, but it also includes recipes with pictures and the best part is there are no advertisements....they save those for the last few pages of the magazine.  How great is that!  This is a work of genius in my opinion.  O.K. I can go on and on about this but I know you're waiting to see for yourself, so....here are pictures I took of the 2 magazines I have received so far.  Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed my White Wednesday.  

This magazine will be published 8 times this year.  If you are interested in purchasing one they are available exclusively through Jeanne d' Arc Living retailers only.  To find a complete list of retailers, go to their website http://www.jeannedarcliving.dk/ under "magazine".
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