The Weekend~

OK,,,So we were in San Antonio this past weekend (after my hubby and I picked up my baby from Cheer Camp in San Marcos) and we had some fun family time together.  The place we stayed at was really nice and right up my alley because of the little villas surrounding the property.    It's located right in the middle of downtown SA but it felt like you were somewhere else but the city.  I Love San Antonio!

Here's a few pics of what we saw while there...

One of the villas that was available for parties and special occasions.
Another view of the same villa.

The grounds were absolutely gorgeous.

This villa housed the gym.

A view of the rooms we stayed in...every one of them has a cute little balcony.

Yes, this is a real Peacock. 
We were told that at one time they had several running around the grounds.

Asian Pheasants walking around as well.
My Baby!
It was so funny..she was worried they were going to attack her or something.

I'll do a separate post later this week of the homes we saw in the King William District.

"Have a Great Tuesday Everyone"


  1. Your "baby" is gorgeous! While you were in SA...did you eat at Mi Tierra's?

  2. There's nothing better than family time, those are the memories that dwell in your hearts forever.

    Your daughter is absolutely stunning!

    Enjoy the rest of your summer, it goes by so fast.

  3. Came across your blog and am really enjoying it. Can you tell me the name of the place you stayed at in San Antonio? I try to visit a few times a year and this looks like a lovely place to stay.

    Thank you!


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