Warrenton Preview~

The Texas Antique Show in Warrenton, TX next month will be my first show ever to do. This is an exciting and scary thing for me at the same time. But in talking to some of the best in the business, I'm more confident that I'm doing the right thing.
After reading comments, not just on my blogs but on other Texas gals blogs, many of you have this idea that Texas has the best antique shows around. Well, we do! That's because Texas does everything over the top especially when it comes to antique shows.
So, after announcing earlier this week that I would be going I had some special requests to show what my booth will feature. My booth will feature a little of the new mixed in with a little of the old.
I will try to feature a few items every week on this blog and my other blog Antiques and More.
A mix of silverware~

A little of this~

And a little of that~

Along with handmade tags~

And handmade crosses~

I have some special things in store for Warrenton that I'll be sharing with you in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! Love and Peace to all~



News To Share~

Well it's finally going to happen...
The beginning of my business ~La Rustique Market~ will make it's debut in Warrenton/RoundTop, Texas at the 2009 Texas Antique Show.
March 27 - April 4
I'll give you a peek later this week at what my booth will feature.


More Old Photos~

As promised, here are some more pictures from my hometown of Port Lavaca.
This first photo was taken in July, 1944 when they opened the causeway that connects Port Lavaca to Point Comfort.
The big building in the back was a thriving hotel, it still stands today and they still rent out rooms by the week.
The next photo shows the causeway. It survived many hurricanes but became unsafe to drive on and was later re-built. It also had a draw-bridge to allow the bigger boats passage through.

This next photo is of downtown Port Lavaca. Most of the buildings are still standing today.

There are many businesses still open. One of the original stores is Melcher's General Store. Inside are still the original fixtures, counter, cash register, hardwood flooring...it's amazing. The son of the original owner still owns and operates it today.

There are two restaurants on this same street that serve great food today, The Green Iguana and The Texana Grill.
The community is coming together to rebuild the downtown area as these next photos will show.
The Port Lavaca Theatre was thriving in the 30's and 40's. It re-opened it's doors in 1994 and now is the Port Lavaca Mainstreet Theatre, home to many local productions put on by the Mainstreet Theatre Association.
Look at the mural that was painted shortly after they re-opened their doors. This is part of the re-building of downtown.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my small town.



Cupid's Visit~

Happy Valentine's Day!
Cupid visited my home today and left me some sweet treats to share with you!


An Update~

Thank you to all that visit, I am so very appreciative of all the support that has been given to me since I began this adventure. I apologize for not being more consistent in posting on this site. I am trying to juggle so many changes in life at the moment. Hopefully things will get a little more normal real soon. I promise I really do have great things in store. But for now, I want to leave you with this photo of a postcard from 1906. For those of you not familiar with me and where I'm from, this is the town where I was born and raised and where I still live with my husband and daughter. When I first saw this picture, I was amazed at how they just plopped a water slide in the middle of the bay. C-R-A-Z-Y!!! If you're from Texas, this was like what we know as Schlitterbahn today. I'll be back with more history from this small town on the bay. Have a Blessed Sunday~ Lisa
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