Missing In Action~

I'll be gone for a few weeks to the Warrenton/RoundTop Antiques Show.
If you go, come check out my booth and visit me!
Be back on the 5th of April with lots of photos and goodies to share with you!
Peace and Blessings~


Glittered Nest~

I don't know about you but birds nest are really hard to find in my area of the woods, so I decided to make my own out of the tiny wreaths that you buy at a craft store. All I did was take the wreath apart and separate it till it formed a nice size nest. Then I added some moss and glittered it.
It's so easy!
I glued mine to a branch and you have a birds nest with some glitz and glamour. What bird wouldn't want to lay their eggs in this beauty.
As you can see I went a little crazy with the glittering and decided to glitter some clothespins.
Let's see now, what else can I glitter?
I'm off to do more projects!
Have a Blessed Weekend~


Getting Ready~

It's an overwhelming feeling that I am having this week getting all the packing done for "The Big Show" in Warrenton.
If I survive this then I know I can do anything!
I didn't realize how many teacup and saucer sets I have collected.
These would be great for candle projects.
Oh! And I have lace and crochet items coming out the waazoo!
Another great item for projects.

More lace and crochet items~ Something for everyone~ I invite ya'll to stop by my booth and visit me at my very first selling appearance in Warrenton, TX~ Peace, Love and Blessings~



Featured Item~

I have been working with a local artist who has agreed to make these one of a kind seashell and sea glass crosses. They are made of unique shells that were once part of a seashell collection his father had. Each one is different, no two will be alike.
I will have these for sale in my booth at Warrenton in a few weeks.
You have to see these in person to appreciate~
Stop by and check them out!

Peace, Love and Blessings~



Antique Week Update~

Well, I'm sure everyone who is getting ready for the Spring Show in Warrenton/RoundTop are running around like chickens without heads! I know I am...so I'll be quick about the update on my booth. Just wanted to clue you in on some happenings that I will be offering at my booth ~La Rustique Market~. I invite everyone to come and discover what my booth will feature. I will be set-up in Tree Park Field across the street from Saint John's Church.
I will be setting up on March 21-24..I hope to be ready by Wednesday, March 25th to SELL! SELL! SELL!
On Friday, March 27th I will host "My First Time Madness Sale". Anything over $10 in my booth will be 20% off!
On April 1st, all red line items will be 50% off! No Fooling!!!
On April 3rd, all items left in my booth will be 75% off!
My husband doesn't want me to come home with anything I took to sell, so please help me out on this one.
All I ask is that you mention this to all of your friends who will be shopping in Warrenton/RoundTop.
If you didn't already know, I have another blog Antiques and More where you can get more information on my whereabouts as well.
Love and Peace~
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