Antique Week Update~

Well, I'm sure everyone who is getting ready for the Spring Show in Warrenton/RoundTop are running around like chickens without heads! I know I am...so I'll be quick about the update on my booth. Just wanted to clue you in on some happenings that I will be offering at my booth ~La Rustique Market~. I invite everyone to come and discover what my booth will feature. I will be set-up in Tree Park Field across the street from Saint John's Church.
I will be setting up on March 21-24..I hope to be ready by Wednesday, March 25th to SELL! SELL! SELL!
On Friday, March 27th I will host "My First Time Madness Sale". Anything over $10 in my booth will be 20% off!
On April 1st, all red line items will be 50% off! No Fooling!!!
On April 3rd, all items left in my booth will be 75% off!
My husband doesn't want me to come home with anything I took to sell, so please help me out on this one.
All I ask is that you mention this to all of your friends who will be shopping in Warrenton/RoundTop.
If you didn't already know, I have another blog Antiques and More where you can get more information on my whereabouts as well.
Love and Peace~


  1. Wow, you are a serious seller, good for you. Hope it all sells the first day!!

  2. First let me say thank you for your prayers. I appeciate it and you so much. Second, sell out before the 27th so you can come play in the Zapp field! Sounds like you have a great plan laid out. May have to steal, I mean borrow it. (If I get to come!) Debbie

  3. Good evening
    I do not know exactly how I came to your blog, but I'm pleasantly surprised, very very nice.
    I'll definitely return again.
    Greetings Hetty


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