Glittered Nest~

I don't know about you but birds nest are really hard to find in my area of the woods, so I decided to make my own out of the tiny wreaths that you buy at a craft store. All I did was take the wreath apart and separate it till it formed a nice size nest. Then I added some moss and glittered it.
It's so easy!
I glued mine to a branch and you have a birds nest with some glitz and glamour. What bird wouldn't want to lay their eggs in this beauty.
As you can see I went a little crazy with the glittering and decided to glitter some clothespins.
Let's see now, what else can I glitter?
I'm off to do more projects!
Have a Blessed Weekend~


  1. Hello Lisa! Thank you for visiting my blog:)
    Your blog is lovely. I like it:)
    Have a nice weekend!
    Hugs Piitis From Finland

  2. =) I Like that glitter thing=)

    Hugs from Finland Mimmuli

  3. Hi Lisa, thanks for visiting my "new" blog whitewashed, I won't be going to round top, I would love to meet you also. thanks for the compliments on my house

  4. I love when you go crazy with glitter!

  5. What a pretty post, and what a pretty blog!!

  6. Dear Lisa

    Thanks for visiting my blogg too=) have a blessed week

  7. Hi Lisa! Thank you for the kind comment. I love all the wonderful finds you have on your blog. How clever of you to glitter the clothes pin......so great! Have a wonderful weekend!


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