A Happy Halloween~

Fall is definitely in the air. The sun is peeking out and the birds are singing. So Nice!
It's a chilly Halloween morning here in South Texas. I can remember when I was growing up that Halloween seemed to be the start of the Fall season. Everyone was decorating their homes with hay bales and pumpkins. Plus it was about the only time we were allowed to eat so much candy that we didn't want any for about a month. This year my decorating is very limited but I did want to share with you some vignettes that I put together at the last minute.

Here's wishing you and yours

a very

Spirit-ed Halloween!


Warrenton and A Fall Giveaway~

Well, I'm back! Sorry for the delay in posting on the Warrenton Fall show but I decided to take some time off from blogging for awhile to re-coup. As you can imagine when you've been gone for 2 weeks straight things can get very busy around the house. As soon as I got back I had to catch up on all the cleaning, washing, etc. and of course spending time with my family. My daughter showed her pig at the County Fair this week and tonight is the auction. Many great things happening for her and I don't want to miss out on anything. She will be in high school next year and then off to college...where does the time go!
Aside from being almost washed away with all the rain this was a very interesting show. I'm sure that every dealer that was set-up in Warrenton and anyone else that attended the Fall Show for that matter has a story or two to tell about this show. I wanted to do something different to kick the Fall season off right. So, I'm doing a giveaway that involves everyone...not only if you were there or not...tell me your most interesting story during that 2 week span and I will pick my favorite and post about it and send you a gift.
How does that sound! Well...what are you waiting for?
Here's a few pics of my booth....and I do mean a few! I lost most of the pictures on my camera....don't ask me how...they're just gone!
Can't wait to hear from everyone!
Fall Blessings
My Home to Yours~
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