White Wednesday with Jeanne d' Arc Living~

Welcome to another one of Kathleen's White Wednesday. 

I wanted to share with you my latest discovery. I'm sure most of you have heard of the Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine...well, just like everything else I kept putting off in purchasing this magazine until a few months ago.  I gotta tell ya when I received the Christmas issue I was hooked!  I have never before in my life seen such an inspiring piece of work.  This made my day when I opened the package to find such a beautiful spread of pages full of ideas and so much more.  If you have never seen this book...(it literally is a book...more than 150 pages) then you'll know what I'm talking about.  It's not only page after page of lovely homes and vignettes, but it also includes recipes with pictures and the best part is there are no advertisements....they save those for the last few pages of the magazine.  How great is that!  This is a work of genius in my opinion.  O.K. I can go on and on about this but I know you're waiting to see for yourself, so....here are pictures I took of the 2 magazines I have received so far.  Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed my White Wednesday.  

This magazine will be published 8 times this year.  If you are interested in purchasing one they are available exclusively through Jeanne d' Arc Living retailers only.  To find a complete list of retailers, go to their website http://www.jeannedarcliving.dk/ under "magazine".


  1. That magazine is DANGEROUS for women who love White Wednesday posts. I just know it. They know how to publish photographs that can push buttons of oohs and aahhhs and inspiration and gotta find that reactions in all of us. I am lovin the pink petal heart right now. Thanks so much for sharing the photos. I enjoyed them immensely.

  2. That is an interesting magazine with amazing photos. I agree with Julie...could be dangerous...in a fun way! :)
    Cindy at Lakewood

  3. Lisa, talk about major drool going on here, OMG, it is just beautiful. I'm off to see if I can get a copy. Thanks and talk to you soon, T

  4. Oooh, I love this magazine and have them all except the very first issue. I never tire of looking through them and get so much inspiration. Thanks for sharing their photos, somehow I don't remember the pink wreath, I'll have to go back and take a look. Happy White Wednesday!

  5. They are pricey but I love them. So far I have gotten two of the magazines including the Christmas one. I just look at them over and over and over for inspiration and ideas. Happy White Wednesday. xo

  6. Hello
    I love this magazine, Carole at Maynardgreenhouse was kind enough to send me a copy and I have been in love with it ever since. Not easy to find though!

  7. I really am going to have to break down and buy this magazine... those pictures are gorgeous! ~ Theresa

  8. Okay, you got me hooked on this magazine with just a few photos. I think maybe they should give you a comission for getting all of us hooked into buying it ;0}
    Take care, Sue

  9. Hey Lisa, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I have seen this mag in blogs, but never ordered it. The pics are wonderful. Guess I'd better get on the stick.
    Have a great day,

  10. Lovely...the white dishes are my fave...happy WW!

  11. My all time favorite mag and books. I have been addicted to them from the beginning.



  12. I missed the Christmas issue, but would love to see what they have for spring. It IS such a lovely publication. That pink rose wreath is my favorite!

  13. Don't you just love this magazine? I wasn't going to get this one because the price has gone up, but I couldn't resist. I could spend hours daydreaming over these photos.

    Thanks for playing along and enjoy the rest of your week.


  14. Yes, I totally agree....I just got my first issue at Christmas, and it is like nothing I have ever seen. I have read, and re-read that one issue so many times it is already worn. Can't wait to get my hands on another issue.

  15. Hi Lisa,
    You are so right about this beautiful publication. I too was hooked from the very first issue I read. I go over and over and over each one. Love 'em.

  16. This images are breathtaking!

    Hope you are having a lovely day!



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