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With just a little more than a month left till I head out to Warrenton for the Spring Show I find myself still not knowing exactly what I'll be taking.  I start to pack and then I get a wild hair to create and the packing doesn't get quite done.  I'm hoping in the next couple of weeks to be showing you what I will be taking.  I am itching to go out and buy junk but there just haven't been any Estate Sales or Garage Sales lately.  Hopefully, if the weather is nice here this weekend I'll venture out and do some junkin'.

I did head out to the Resale Shop in town this morning and found this adorable pair of baby slippers.  I fell in love with them and the cute little flowers stitched on top.  They are not vintage but I like them just the same.  I have paired them with a wonderful bird nest that a friend (Joyce Shillings) of mine made for me. 

I also found this glass basket that is stamped AVON.  I guess with Spring just around the corner, the basket seemed appropriate to buy.  I'll fill it with some grass and glittered eggs.

Have a great day!



  1. Love the baby slippers.....the flowers are so cute! Just wanted to stop by and say "hello!" Lynn

  2. What a pretty post...hope this finds you well!

  3. I feel your pain on not finding things. There are estate sales here in Dallas, but I'm not paying "gold" prices these days! Know what I mean?

  4. I am a nest maker too. Nice job on this one Joyce made.

    Off to find one of yours now.

    Thanks for coming to visit my place.


    barbara jean


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