My Booth In Warrenton~

I guess you can say I wasn't fully prepared for this show....I forgot my camera!  I had to borrow a camera from a friend late in the show....actually it was right before I was getting ready to leave.  So there won't be very many to show you.  I just wanted to share a few pics of my booth at the Spring Show in Warrenton.

Have a Lovely Sunday~


  1. Oh my goodness....I loved seeing these pictures. My favorite pic is of the birdie with the egss in the nest :)


  2. I enjoyed seeing the Warrenton pictures. Thanks. I'm sure next year, you'll remember your camera. LOL! I do hope you had tons of sales so that it was all worth it to you. Wondering if you had good luck with all the great pillows you made.

    Hoping you're resting up...

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  3. Don't feel like the lone stranger...not only did I forget my camera, but I also forgot to pack any work clothes. I was too busy worrying about packing warm sweaters and nothing else! It looks really pretty, Lisa!

  4. Hi Lisa
    Wish I would have known which booth was yours - I would have dropped by to say hello!
    The pictures look good, I didn't take as many pictures as I could have!

  5. Lisa, you must have been very busy as I never saw you but a second at the blog party. I hope you had a great show.



  6. I look forward to finding you in the fall. Enjoy your blog!

  7. Lisa, I really like your header, too pretty. Hope you had a great show and sold it all. Everything in your pics looked really great. Now, you'll have to take a road trip and find more treasures!

  8. Ahhh...now I'm even more sad that you were packed up by the time I made it over to see you! Lovely! ~Mindy


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