Friday Finds~

It's Friday and I had a great morning at The Outpost Resale Shop. I frequent this place so much the employees know what I like and they usually save things for me. Everything you see in the following photos I acquired there today and stayed within my budget of $15.
My favorite
An outdoor porch light~
A Chandelier~
(I'll re-wire and paint it a linen white and rough it up a bit)
Silver Fork and Spoon~
Bottles for embellishing~ and
An old bicylcle mirror~
A book~ black and cream~
A small creamer~

A close-up of the creamy frames~

All of my Friday Finds~

Have a great weekend~



  1. Great finds. I'm sure you are getting ready for Warrenton. About 6 weeks away, ya hoo!!!

  2. I love all of your found treasures!!! Too wonderful ~ thanks so much for visiting me :) and my creative space, xxoo, Dawn

  3. You really know how to shop! Great treasures!

  4. If I lived closer I would race you there!!! Hehehehe, those are some great finds for $15. I just got in from my booth, I got some unbelievable things at the Goodwill and Value Village on my way home. I think I spent $50, you won't belive it, I will get it posted tonight or tomorrow. One thing was a white chipp rocker! Blessings, Janna

  5. I love that little creamer! Is it going into your online shop or staying to live with you?

  6. WOW....fabulous treasures you unearthed for a song!! Your are like the relic hunter!!
    Awesome...wish you could come shopping with me!!

  7. You seriously got all that for $15??? I don't know of anywhere in my area where you can get those kind of prices. That probably would have cost well over $100 here. I am so envious of all of you who have access to these kinds of buys! Lucky you!!! ~Lori

  8. What a great porch fixture...kinda deco. You did good on a budget! Would you please explain a budget to Cat Daddy now? As long as there is a blank check...there is money to spend!


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