Festival Hill in Round Top Texas~

Back in June when I joined Joyce Shillings to The Big Red Barn show, we stopped by to check out The International Festival-Institute in Round Top. The Festival Hill Campus opened officially in 1976. It certainly was a sight to see, being surrounded by The Gardens at The Festival Hill made you feel like you had traveled to another world. I am always intrigued by the stone work and architecture of places like this. While there students were rehearsing for one of the many performances they have scheduled for the summer. We also visited The Edythe Bates Old Chapel which was built in La Grange in 1883 as the Episcopal Methodist Church of La Grange, Texas. It was used for worship until it was sold to The Festival-Institute in 1994. If you have never been to this wonderful place you must stop by and check it out, you won't be disappointed.
Photos I took of The Festival Hill and it's gardens.

Edythe Bates Old Chapel~

The Gardens at Festival Hill~
You can visit The International Festival-Institute located at
248 Jaster Road
Round Top, Texas 78954
Peace, Love and Blessings~


  1. This is by far my most fav places to visit when we are in Warrenton. I stop by each time I'm there because it's just so peaceful. You are right, you feel like you are in another country and not Texas. Glad to you got to visit it.

  2. Hello,
    Thanks for stopping by I appreciate it.
    I enjoyed your post, beautiful pictures... I must get down to Texas again...I loved it. Only been through Amarillo and spent a couple of days near Austin but really enjoyed it.
    Thanks again

  3. Amazing pictures=) Nice=) Have a nice week=)

  4. Hello Lisa, thanks for your visit. I like to have international guests...it's great! Your blog is very nice and I come back ;-).
    Have a nice time Tina

  5. Gosh, I only wish I would have known about this beautiful place when we traveled from Cali to Warrenton this past spring. What a beautiful place and your pictures sure captured the peacefulness.

  6. I have watched this being built through the years. A little piece of Heaven right here in Texas ;)
    Love the music!


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