What A Trip~

The words delight, inspiration, and exhilarating cannot begin to describe the experiences I encountered at the Texas Antique Show in Warrenton, Texas. I was taken away by so much talent and friendliness there that I almost didn't want to come home. But, reality kicked in and I knew what was waiting for me at home...like the laundry, dishes, dust bunnies throughout and of course my wonderful husband and beautiful daughter. This great endeavor could not have been made possible without the love and support of my family who stood by me and cheered me on to never give up.
I didn't know what I was doing when I decided to take the plunge and quit my job of 18 years and pursue a crazy dream of going into business for myself. I am so glad that I decided to go to Warrenton and set up shop there for the first time. It is definitely a lot of work but so rewarding that I can't explain the feeling I have now after doing this. If anyone out there is thinking of doing this, all I can say is if you don't do it now you may never do it ever. The people I met along the way and while I was there for two weeks are friends I will treasure ever meeting. I am so grateful to all those that made this "Junkin' Rookie" feel welcomed.
A Big Thank You to Theresa Cano of Garden Antqs and her husband Cruz, Marion aka "Junkin Buddy", Debbie and Danny aka Cat Daddy York of Talking Trash, Theresa Smith of Time Worn Interiors and her husband Craig, Shelley Price of Sweet Pea and her husband Rex, Lauri of 2chippys, Donna of Curious Goods, Renee of A Junk Queen, Mindy of Primitiques n' Poetry, Cher of The Texas Woman, Peg of French Vanilla, Judy Hill, and Janet, Mo and Sport of Rubbish.
If I forgot to mention meeting you I apologize as I am not very good with names....Theresa Cano and "Junkin Buddy" can vouch for that, but that's another post!
O.K. enough of that...now for some photos. Enjoy!
Photos of my booth~
Have a Blessed Sunday~
Peace and Love~


  1. Lisa, we are the lucky ones for having got to hang out with you. Had a blast. Lets do this again in 6 months :)

  2. Your booth is so pretty! Lovely photos! Happy Easter!

  3. Warrenton! Only six months away! Thank goodness! See ya next blog party!

    The Texas Woman

  4. Hello lovely Lisa! First off, you rocked it girl! Sorry I missed your booth but it looks awesome! Second, it was fab to meet you at the blog party! You are a sweetie~~welcome to the junkin' family!


  5. Your booth is very beautiful! Was glad to meet you briefly at The Blog Party. Glad you had such a great experience at Warrenton!

  6. i'm so sad i missed your lovely booth on my texas visit, but i'm thrilled to see the photos and find your blog! debbie over at trash talk mentioned that you sold garlands - do you have any photos?!? i'd love to see one close up:)

  7. Hi there...i heard thru blogland that you were lucky enough to go to Texas. Your booth looks fabulous. I hope to make it there someday. But in the meantime I must just drooool over your photos. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Your booth was really beautiful!! Thanks for encouraging us who have yet to manage to take the plunge and do the show--someday....

  9. I felt the same way after going for the first time last Fall. It's just amazing isn't it?! I remember telling my husband a few weeks after we got back that I was still laying in bed at night thinking of things that I saw and conversations that I had with friends at Marburger. Who would think that a show could be so exhilirating. Will you be setting up again in the Fall? I wasn't able to be there for the Spring show but my husband and I are going in the Fall again. Hope to see you there. Blessings... Polly

  10. LISA!
    I have been so busy/sick/tired/busy that I have not had time to blog or read blogs till tonight. I have thought about you and wondered how the rest of the show went and how you felt after the show was over. It sounds like we had similar emotions about it. I didn't want to come home from Spring Camp (as I am calling it). Actually, part of me could not wait, and I was exhausted from the weather, but I loved it. Lets stay in touch! Donna

  11. Hey Lisa, I so enjoyed seeing you at the show. We had so much fun. I love all your things and I can't believe I missed your booth. I will definately be back next spring. we will meet again then. Take care, Lauri@chippys


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