A Few Close-Ups~

Things are still not back to normal for me but they're getting better. Doing a show of this magnitude is very exhausting for me anyway and I'm trying to recuperate from it all.
I just wanted to share a few more pics from my booth in Warrenton and also share some things I learned from this experience.
I picked this chicken coup up from a vendor when I landed in Warrenton...needless to say everyone wanted to buy it but it wasn't for sale. Actually, it's just an old crate with some hay, feathers and eggs!
These ceramic eggs sold very well...I was able to keep a few for myself.
Just a bunch of moss....
More eggs and moss on some white dessert plates...
My daughters jazz shoes...I was amazed that these sold right away.
I don't know if you can catch a glimpse of the pom pom garlands that I made...which were a huge hit BTW. They were part of my displays and I ended up selling them at the end. This was not my idea entirely...the ones I saw were made out of coffee filters and they tea stained them. I didn't have filters, so all I did was cut some circles out of old patterns and thread them with twine, and I didn't have to tea stain them either.
I made the birds nest for my displays also and they all sold as well...I guess I was a bird in another life.
Look at the wonderful old column I purchased from Theresa of Garden Antqs Vintage
Anther view of the pom pom garland....
This bird cage broke on me during the trip to Warrenton so I decided to use it on top of the wardrobe. Maybe I will fix it or not...
One of my displays with religious items...
These handmade crosses are gorgeous with the sea glass and shells...I still have some for sale.
A suitcase filled with crosses and candles.... A wonderful smelling candle that I picked up from one of the vendors in my field.
I believe it's called Creme Brulee'....it's heaven and it makes the customers stay a little longer to browse and buy. This candle was so powerful that people could smell it as they walked by my booth.
It's been a pleasure sharing with everyone...hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Your booth was wonderful!! I want to come next time so bad!!! I have read so much about it and looked at all these gorgeous posts!! I am yearning to come!! thanks for sharing this gorgeous booth!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  2. Fantastic pictures! Your booth looks great! Wish I could have made it by to see it in person. I did make it to the blog party. Did I meet you there? It's all a blur.... Maggie

  3. Hi Lisa, You really had things displayed so nicely. With experience with birds, I would say ya you could of been bird, with great nesting abilities. I think your off to a wonderful start girl - wishing you the best for next time.

  4. Your photos are so inspirational !! Thank you, Chrissy

  5. Hi sweetie!

    Glad to hear you had a good show! Your booth was beautiful...love all the treasures! I will definitely make it a point to come by in the fall!

    Take care...xo...deb

    Your booth is just beautiful.

    Xoxo trailer trash

  7. Hi Lisa,
    I saw your blog name over at White Dreams where you follow and had to take a look. I would love to bring any and all these things home with me. Beautiful style.

  8. OK...note to self...find Lisa's space next show! Man! Great stuff! Sorry I missed that. But, was so glad I got to meet you. Hope you make it to Poetry, May 16. ~Mindy

  9. Hi Lisa! The booth looks so fantastic!!! I wish I could have been there! Love the birds nests and eggs and the black umbrella...and guess what???? I'm moving to Texas!!! See you next time for sure!


  10. A howdy nod from the Pacific Northwest! I so enjoy your blog and have christened you with the Kreativ Blog Award. It's so fun to see what other fellow junkers are up to in this wonderful country! Blogs make the world feel closer . . .

    Debi a.k.a. Ormolulu.blogspot.com

  11. Lisa what a beautiful Easter display i just love those beautiful birds and the eggs and nests were priceless. wish i was closer =[

    love you're blog!


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