And The Winners Are~

Connie Meyer of She Dreams Big and Theresa Cano of Garden Antqs Vintage. Congratulations ladies for your stories and for taking the time to do so. It's always a pleasure when a fellow blogger takes the time to leave you a comment or just to say Hi!
Connie's story was to me a very sweet and exciting story, she is going to be a Grandma! It's always wonderful to hear that a baby is on the way, not much can beat that! Congratulations! Connie, we can't wait to see pictures of the baby.
Theresa's story was a funny one because it involved a very sweet helper from Zapp Hall named Jose. It was pouring down rain and he wasn't going to let that stop him from helping whomever he could help that needed it. So, he decided to dress himself in black trashbags to try to keep a little dry. I don't know that it helped him stay dry, but his heart was in the right place.
Thanks so much to everyone that took the time to write about their story. I enjoyed reading all of them. Some were all too familiar when it comes to being in Round Top/Warrenton.
And now for the prize these lovely ladies will be receiving. These giftbags and tags are handmade by moi! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them for you.

Peace, Love and Blessings~



  1. I can't wait.....to receive my gift bag. Thanks Lisa, have a great week!

  2. Thanks for stopping by the blog and for the kinds words! Looking forward to more lovely posts from you.

  3. A lovely gift from a lovely new friend. Thank you so much!

  4. I remember reading about Theresa's helper on her blog, I'm so glad her story won!
    I can't believe I wasn't a follower until just now, I thought I'd been following you already.
    Old age stinks!

  5. I must say You have a wonderful blog!!


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