White Wednesday & Canton Trip~

Kathleen's White Wednesday's are too special not to miss...so I am combining my Canton trip post with today's White Wednesday.
I had a special traveler with me on my trip...Linda Gregory (I have featured her shop before in Victoria called Past Time). She was going to Canton that same week so we decided to go together and enjoy ourselves for a few days. We went to Huntsville to meet up with Theresa Cano of Garden Antqs and followed her to Canton the next day. What was really special about this trip is the southern hospitality that was given to us not only on the day we got there but the whole trip. Marion, Theresa's "Junkin' Buddy" was a wonderful host to have us over for a summer lunch at her home on Wednesday when we arrived. I can't tell you how thrilled Linda and I were to be treated so special. Being in Marion's home was all we needed to get those creative juices going. Marion has a very special talent for putting together the most sweetest and interesting vignettes together. I will feature her home in a later post, I'm sure you have seen her home on Theresa's blog....just beautiful! Theresa and Marion "Junkin' Buddy" were such wonderful hosts for putting up with us during the trip to Canton. They are junkin' pros and well...we are just amateurs. They were very patient with us. We thank you both for all you did to make our trip a memorable one.
Now, I want to share some photos of a few things that I picked up on my trip. You will be able to see the rest in Warrenton at the show in my booth at Tree Park Field.

This baby picture was given to me as a b-day present from Linda. She bought it for the frame it was in and I fell in love with the picture and now it's mine!

I Love It!!!!

Thanks so much Linda, you're too sweet!

The baby shoes are a favorite of mine..I love baby shoes and clothes, any kind of baby item. Check out the mannequin I bought from Theresa...I had to have her when I saw her in person.

Just Darling!

I don't know if you can see them real well, but I also picked up a great pair of gold sconces.

And I can't decided if I want to sell this mantle or the other one I bought in Canton....decisions, decisions....oh! well you'll just have to come see me and check it out for yourself.

Again, Myself and Linda had a great time and we hope to join Theresa and Marion again real soon.




  1. I am in love with your dress form. She is fantastic! And the mantle is wonderful! Great combination. What a lucky girl you were to get that royal treatment, to spend the day with T and her buddy!

  2. Ya'll are welcome anytime!! Let's do it again real soon...

  3. Lisa, you got some wonderful things! I love the picture of the little child.

    Glad you had such a good time :)


  4. Sounds like y'all had a great time. The mantle is gorgeous and trying to decide whether to sell or keep would drive me crazy!

  5. Oh! sounds like a dreamy time.. I would love to meet Theresa she is a real sweetie. I have blogged with her for the past year. She has so many fun road trips. You just had one too. Good for you. Sandi

  6. What a fun trip to Canton. I want to go there some day. My daughter in law is from around there and is always talking about it.

    Love the chippy fireplace mantle.

    come visit

  7. Thanks for visiting my store while in Huntsville. Enjoyed meeting both of you ladies.
    Remember the show held in Huntsville is coming up Sept. 19-20 if you are free that weekend.
    It was cancelled last year due to Hurricane Ike but this year is booked up and ready to roll. Check out her web site if you are interested in attending. www.ANitsch in time.
    Kathleen who runs this show is a great person.
    There is lots more to do in Huntsville so plan a longer stay here next time.
    Lois at Callie Magee Antiques

  8. Lisa,
    Great white Wednesday post.
    Love the picture, and the mannequin.
    I'd love to find one, at a reasonable price. =0))

    Barbara jean

  9. Looks like you found some great stuff. Wish I could see you in Texas. Hope you have lots of pics to share.


  10. What wonderful items! I love vintage baby stuff too.

  11. What a fun trip! I do so love that style of mannequins...there's just something extra special about them. Don't you hate trying to make decisions like that?! I do!

  12. Hi Lisa,
    I LOVE all your items but, the Mannequin, I am so jealous... Oh you are lucky to have found that.
    I hope you're doing well and wish you a wonderful week,

  13. Lovely oldies!!...and the mantel: KILLER!!
    We hope you'll stop by on Monday to play Junkin' Monday with us...we'd love to hav you over and readers will love to see your treasures!
    Clara & Marcela

  14. Hello Lisa,
    Love the dress form...it has just the right look to inspire. I wish you well and have a great show. Look forward to seeing all the pics from the show...for those of us that are stuck at home or in a shop, boohoo :)

  15. Lisa, what wonderful treasures~ and I am lovin that old mantle. It sounds like everyone will be in Warrenton except me! BOO HOO! Finally opened back up this weekend but still too much to do to travel. Oh well, I will live vicariously through the rest of you when you come back with all of those wonderful pics!
    Good week to ya!


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