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The days are getting hotter, you know what that means....summer is almost here! I can't believe that we will be living in this house for a year in July. Which brings me to the reason I'm doing this post. I still don't have anything on the walls. When we moved in we painted the walls Whole Wheat (Sherwin Williams paint) and I am afraid to damage the walls by putting holes all over them when I'm not sure what to put on them. I have this obsessive compulsive thing about putting holes in the walls.
Here are a few photos of what my living room and dining room look like without anything on the walls and a few special ones as well. So, I would really appreciate some advice on what to do.

Coffee table flowers~

Living Room~ Dining Room~ Dining table arrangement~ Some special things~ A "killer" piece of coral~ And my most favorite...Otis~
I hope you enjoyed the pics and can't wait to hear what ideas you come up with.
Hugs to all!


  1. Girl, put some pics up on those wall and don't worry about the holes. Your home is just beautiful and you should spend time enjoying it not worrying about the small stuff. Well, now there's my opinion. Otis is so cute, maybe with your pup in the room you really don't need anything else!

  2. If you really don't want nail holes (and I totally get it, really I do) how about easels or really large mirrors propped against walls? Your home is beautiful so you really wouldn't need a lot. I always love when large paintings or laying against the walls in magazines.
    Otis is a cutie! Aren't dogs just the best?

  3. Hi Lisa! I am the same way about holes in the walls--especially right after painting! But eventually I bite the bullet and get out the hammer. Try laying out a grouping on the floor first to get your arrangement right. I am getting ready to paint the guestroom and then do a grouping of mirrors I have collected on the walls. That would be fun in your dining room!


  4. Any painter worth his/her money can spackle a hole flawlessly. Therefore, I say, rest easy. Practice placements and hammer some holes. I know good and well that you have wonderful items that will only show well when hung. And, let me tell ya, I feel ya. I know! When the wall is flawless, it's difficult to take the plunge. But, I think you will be happy to hang some beloved pieces. And you know I love Otis!!! ~Mindy

  5. Holes can be filled my friend, trust me I have filled hundreds! I say when in doubt, hang a mirror!! Hope you have a great weekend,Chrissy

  6. Lisa, I just on TV this morning at 5:00, Command makes strips for hanging pictures. I don't know how much weight they will hold, but it's worth checking into.

  7. Fill a baby food jar with your paint and label which room (trust me on this labeling because later you might get confused with another similar color in another room). Put the lid on tight and store it upside down. Now you have handy paint for repairing hole patches.

    The Texas Woman

  8. I agree with the other comments. Get the hammer and hang some pictures. Great tip Cher shared. Love your tablescape.


  9. Hello!
    Enjoy your site, thanks for visiting mine as well, no worries...put what you love on your walls, it's freeing!! ;)



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